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The Power of Deduction also works for PI's as well!

Posted on 1 October, 2013 at 18:11 Comments comments (90)
Hello, fellow investigators and all those who aspire to be one of us and all those individuals in between and behind the scenes. It has long been my mission to induce what we learn on the streets and from talking to people in every day situations and well-common sense. At some point others who hire us must know that we have some idea what we are doing and thus questioning our judgement is not really the way to go.
I am referring to when verification is being made about a claimants presence inside the residence, or another residence, or a corner store etc. If you can deduce the actions of the claimant and put the necessary clues together..why is the power of deduction not a solid lead? The police use it, the government uses it but we cannot? Today, claimants are becoming a little wiser about the tactics we use to confirm there whereabouts, phone calls, delivery, door visits etc. However if you can deduct from the vehicle presence, the movement inside the residence, the ringing of their cell phone from inside the residence etc. Its a pretty safe bet...Deduction wise that the claimant occupies the property. However if we don't actually see them...guess what? Half day for you! Its not a catch all nor is it a total dismissal of what works and is proven to work, however sometimes, three the hard way..its useful.
A seasoned private detective can optimize all the factors we use and make a determination...Don't be fooled! We have to bend like wreathes in the wind if we are to survive the storm. Which in most cases is the claimant dodging our attempts!
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Surveillance Street Smarts

Posted on 26 November, 2012 at 18:01 Comments comments (141)
Surveillance-Street Smarts, Do You have What it Takes?
The question at hand is what does it mean to have street smarts when conducting surveillance. It means when your on the street and get urself into a situation of either exposure or being questioned by police, go with neither! Let me first state that we ALL have been in questionable places where our position was compromised. However, novice investigators tend to panic and reveal there intentions either by fleeing onsite or botching there reasoning when confronted.
Believe me when I tell you I have seen this first hand; it is not pretty and whats worse it paints an ill picture of a legitimate line of work. What to do?
First, consider your surroundings and what subject matter your dealing with, are they in shape? do they have noisy neighbors? Is there a neighborhood watch? Do the police do regular intervals and question vehicles they dont recognize?
If the subject is in fair condition and your in a suburban neighborhood more than likely they will be on the move, and suspicious of all that surround them. Noisy neighbors must also be considered: I once was chased by three angry men, simply because of a noisy neighbor! Mind you I was on foot, doing pretexts. Bottom line is once you know your situation and surroundings be mindful of what it can mean at the time or potentially manifest into.
Note: When in the field you cannot prepare for all situations but you must expect the unexpected! Know when to holdem and when to foldem..BE smart as well as stealthy...use common sense. What would you except as a reasonable excuse for a vehicle you didnt recognize?  Or a stranger asking questions!  Dont say you lost your dog, cause they would just think you lost your mind!!!!  
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Unfinished Business

Posted on 17 October, 2011 at 19:22 Comments comments (77)
Greetings to all fellow investigators, clients, and all those in between. In these days and times
could it be that we have forgotten what it means to still demonstrate honor as well as a good defense. What does that mean? what is he talking about? Im referring to the requisition, distribution, and containment of information. It would appear that some of us (Not All) have been misled into thinking that you can use personal information for your own gain.
Perhaps it comes from the instinct of self preservation or what have you, I'm not quite sure, but in the end when you get caught, set-up, or just expose yourself is it really worth it? I had a recent issue where an individual all but pointed out that he has had the displeasure of being involved in such an event, and concluded there could be, or would be such an occurrence if he didnt get the proper parameters in place. Meaning he wanted everything short of a shoe size and favorite food! It is not uncommon to be cautious but to outright point fingers for the dirty laundry of others should by no-means, conclude the entire private system of investigation is faulty. So all of you who operate by a ANY MEANS NECESSARY clause should ask yourself one question: DO the ends justify the means: when others pick up the tab for your incompetence? Dont think too hard if you have to your one of those people! See how easy that was! 
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To Pay or Not to Pay-On time that is!

Posted on 7 September, 2011 at 14:54 Comments comments (127)
Good afternoon, or morning according to when you read this blog, it amazes me that would be clients and long standing ones with rush jobs don't rush funds after the fact. Case in point is that work has been performed and to a certain satisfaction I might add; then of course invoices are submitted-but hey where is the money? I think of Jerry McGuire-SHOW ME THE MONEY? Do we not have to eat? DO we not have bills? Expenses for the assignments that have been completed-Everyone is tightening their belts this is true but what is also true is that FAIR is FAIR-Try not paying that car note, or insurance bill-You would be cut-off. Ever stop to think what would happen if we cut-them off for non-payment_yes we would be financially stunned. However, sometimes these lessons are worth more than money-and so is our time-No? 
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Insight into Investigation

Posted on 30 August, 2011 at 15:01 Comments comments (47)
The following is just one investigators opinion, insight and outlook, not be taken lightly, or as gospel but sometimes informational purposes. It appears that in this line of work some individuals involved have little or no understanding o the truth. When you accept this line of work be sure you are well rounded and prepared; not just motivated by taking video or supplying license plate numbers. I believe you should be schooled in the law itself because some firms would have you undertake unlawful practices for their own gain, for example: tresspassing, harrassment, false representation of the facts. I have seen these cripple a would be investigator before they are even licensed, and NEVER will be when charged. I believe you should be well rounded in all areas of investigation and criminal justice, NEVER limit yourself to just one style or fascimile or area of involvement.  THINK ABOUT IT

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